We are LFI or Leffler Foundation Inc
a nonprofit corporation in Kentucky

Combating Multiple Challenges




LFI is a 509(a)(2) Public Charity that is exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3).  Contributions to LFI are tax deductible.

Our organization exists to improve the technical skills of Kentuckians and to specifically focus our efforts on individuals who have limited access and exposure to technology.  

99% Of Donations Are Spent Directly On LGBTQ Homeless Youth

We deliver the most possible dollars to our clients.  Check out our Compensation Policy and you’ll see how.  All board members, officers and Advisory Committee members are volunteers.  We may hire paid staff at some point, but there is no plans as our volunteers are able to manage the work now.

This means you can be sure you are helping the people who need it most, our clients.  We offer housing, training and access.  In these efforts we’ve provided laptops to young adults and provided technical training.  There may be limited career opportunities to them locally but through technology almost anyone can find remote work.

During our efforts we’ve seen common barriers to this mission in homelessness.  While clients have appreciated the tools we’ve provided they’ve been victimized while jumping from place to place and these tools have been stolen more than once.  Often the theft is around people that our clients trusted.

Because of this instability we’ve determined that the best way to help clients is to first address the environment that they live within. We call this project “Our House” with the goal to ensure a stable home where clients can then learn technology and hopefully thrive. 

Our House

Is the planned beginning of what we hope will address the needs of clients homelessness.  Residential homes offer the best option for ensuring safety and integrating them into the community.

Our House includes mental health services, substance abuse counseling and fosters a sense of inclusion.

Not In My Backyard

Louisville, KY recently passed legislation meant to prevent more than 3 unrelated people living together without a license as a boarding house.  We feel this to be well meaning but a hurdle thats not good for Louisville.  It fails to adequately address the real issue and simply scatters homelessness under the rug.  

But interestingly the legislation includes a provision that “students” are exempt.  While we find this counter productive and meant to exempt largely white middle class young adults we’ve always had training in mind. 

Kentucky University

Students they will be then.  We’ve chosen to follow the state laws of Kentucky, largely meant to exempt religious institutions.  While all for-profit education institutions are required to seek licensing from the state, charitable organizations are not required to be licensed, accredited or registered.

All inhabitants of Our House will therefore be required to enroll into our school, which we’ve named Kentucky University.  It’s 100% online and it’s courses are all accredited through the institutions that offer them.  It’s similar to a former state project called Kentucky Virtual University.

Check out our courses and programs at Kentucky.University.  Legally Kentucky University will operate as a sole-proprietorship of LFI as it is directly connected and integrated in our mission.  This also allows our tax exempt status to include KU.  Our faculty are educators and licensed teachers.

Blizzard SEO Limited Company

The final piece of our solution to the problems facing our clients is Blizzard SEO Limited Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of LFI. 

Even with technical training and certifications finding a job in Louisville can be difficult, with a home and a clean record.  Blizzard SEO is a for-profit single member LLC owned by LFI, which pays a living wage, provides competitive benefits and offers practical technology experience through internships and helps with locating remote client projects.  It acts as a technology centric digital marketing agency, modeled after LFI’s first corporate sponsor Ultimate SEO LLC.

It’s how the founder of LFI supported himself after being laid off from his Chicago based job, while living in Louisville.  

Louisville is not a tech city and what few tech jobs that the city has available are not nationally competitive.  Blizzard SEO will help channel those remote opportunities to our new student body and graduates.

Blizzard will provide the exposure and experience that any new graduate needs to succeed and thrive on their own.

LGBTQ Focused

While not required of our clients, we do provide a specialized LGBTQ youth program.  Few resources exist in Louisville with this population in mind.  They are disproportionately represented in the homelessness in Louisville, KY.

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Laptops Provided

As of May 2020


Goal To Be Provided By Dec. 2021