Among the Board of Directors and the Advisory Council, members have:


Juris Doctorate


Master of Education


Master of Business Administration


Bachelor of Information Technology


Masters of Science of Nursing

LFI Board of Directors And Executive Committee

Anthony Hardin
Vice President of Programs and Technology, LFI

Anthony has worked within city government for Louisville Metro Council representatives. He’s worked on political campaigns and is often out and about within a crowd. Anthony works at Apple.

Christopher Coffman
Executive Vice President Administration, LFI

Christopher Coffman is a native Kentuckian and proud graduate of the University of Louisville Brandeis Law School. Chris has practiced as a defense attorney and business contract attorney for over 10 years in Louisville. Chris works at Coffman Law

Daniel Scott
Director, LFI

Daniel has remained a trusted advisor to Matthew Leffler and brings a unique, colorful perspective to LFI. As a str8 alley he has helped our Board recognize the issues that face our communities youth. Daniel often serves as an example and a mentor to the board officers. Daniel works at Ultimate SEO

Jimmy Ausbrooks
Vice President Services, LFI

Jimmy Ausbrooks, M.Ed. Counseling, LPCA, CTP. Member of KCA, Member of ACA. He also served as Matt Leffler’s Vice President at WKU Lambda back in 1998. He is a licensed mental healthcare counselor and most recently a candidate for the US Senate seat of KY.

Matthew Leffler
President, Chairman of the Board, Interim Treasurer, LFI Founder

Matthew founded LFI in 2020 with a group of close friends to better organize an effort to affect positive change in his community. Prior to that Matt founded Ultimate SEO LCC a technology digital marketing agency in 2018. He has worked for companies like Hewlett-Packard, Gateway Computers and Accenture. Matthew has an MBA in Technology Management and a MEd in Instructional Design. He received his BS in Information Technology. He holds over a dozen technical certifications

Advisory Council


Executive Director: TBD

The leadership of LFI has been hand picked by Matthew Leffler over a span of 21 years. these trusted friends and colleagues where chosen for their skillsets.

We have established training, education, mental health, technology, business, politics and legal professionals represented on the board.