Google Ad Grant Management

As you may know, a key tool I quickly sought, after the formation of the nonprofit was the Google for Nonprofits program and then it’s Google Ad Grant.  We receive $10,000 a month grant, in free Google advertising, which is great and frees us from spending on digital marketing.  To ensure Google’s gift is spent well there are quality thresholds LFI must meet and a month into the Grant we’re trailing our minimal requirement.

The more time I spend on this site, the Google Ad campaigns and meeting thresholds the less time we are devoting to our actual purpose.  Which is why I had made several board members aware of my intention to hire a management agency with nonprofit experience to help with our grant and site.

I wanted to share this with everyone as it represents a commitment we’ve made that I believe will be in the long term interest of LFI’s mission.  I’ve been playing web developer, IT, marketing, PR, administrator and financial officer for a bit and I think to do these areas justice we need to reach out for help.  While Ultimate SEO LLC is a founding corporate sponsor, I am the majority owner and two board members have worked with me, making  it represent a clear conflict of interest to hire Ultimate SEO LLC.

I searched through about twenty agencies online opting for the ones with the greatest transparency.  If the agency did not list provide a cost I wasn’t going to ask.  I messaged three and was contacted back by two.   Of the two one suggested an assessment of our site and the other was ready to get to work.  I already knew we needed help and went for the agency that showed up with their sleeves rolled up.

Rankmonsters.com meet with me yesterday and we discussed the site, message and our mission.  They’re a team of professionals who have experience with nonprofit PPC campaigns so I went ahead and began the process of using them to administer our grant campaigns.

There was no prior relationship between me and them so no conflict of interest exists and the board was aware that I was searching for this additional help.  At the next board meeting I’ll ask for a vote to approve of this measure, we are not committed to any contract and at this time Ultimate SEO LLC and myself will be covering the costs associated as donations to LFI’s administration fund.

As they work with the site and the campaigns, obviously I expect this to propel us forward faster and ultimately expand our donor pool.  This frees me to focus more on grants which I have my eye on several and developing our programs to actually deliver on our goals.


Matthew Leffler


About RankMonsters.com

“RankMonsters is passionate about working with nonprofit organizations. We enjoy being a small part of your mission; it truly gives our internet marketing efforts purpose. One of the reasons we enjoy working with nonprofits, specifically in obtaining and managing Google Ad Grants, is because we are able to make a significant impact at a low cost. RankMonsters is also a full-service Internet Marketing Company, which means we’re able to strategically improve every facet of your nonprofit’s campaign including targeting, ad copy, landing pages, and the tracking of meaningful conversions on your website. As one of the 41 Google Ad Grants Certified Professionals Worldwide, you can be sure our work is high-quality and recognized by Google.”