Coming in August / September of 2020 

Tech Building Workshop For Beginners

We'll discover the parts that make a modern computer

Over a two day period we'll discover the hardware then software that makes a modern day computer using kits.

Upon completion you'll take home a fully functioning "desktop" computer.

Day One: Hardware

Vilros Raspberry Pi 4 Basic Kit with Fan Cooled Case (4GB)

KEEP YOUR PROCESSOR COOL: The busier a processor gets, the more it heats up, leading to suboptimal performance. To prevent this common issue, we’ve included a pre-installed ready-to-connect fan in the case. Also included are a set of 4 heat sinks that can help to passively expel heat from your setup. These cooling mechanisms will help push the limits of your processor and increase its flexibility.

SIZABLE RAM: This Raspberry Pi 4 comes equipped with 4GB of RAM, which is the same amount of RAM or more RAM then many mainstream laptops contain. With 4GB of RAM, your processor will be capable of running retro gaming setups and common computer applications, media players and much more!

SIMPLE TO TURN ON & OFF: This kit includes a USB-C Raspberry Pi 4 compatible power supply with an easy-to-use on/off switch that was designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi 4 model to streamline processing.

IMPROVEMENTS FROM PREVIOUS MODELS: This latest model of the Raspberry Pi 4 offers groundbreaking increases in processor speed, multimedia performance, connectivity, memory and more! The desktop performance of this model is comparable to entry-level x86 PC systems.

VERSATILE USE: The Raspberry Pi may have a small processor, but it is a highly adaptable little computer that can replace your desktop PC. Its functions range from practical to nostalgic, since it can power an ad-blocking server as easily as it can power an outmoded gaming setup. Other uses include but are not limited to printing from non-wireless printers, playing media, making time-lapse videos, and building multiplayer network game servers and motion-capture security systems.

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Day Two: Operating System And Open Source Applications

After creating the hardware environment we’ll use terminal to setup an open source operating system and look into other free applications.


We will install and set up the linux based operating system as well as a GUI interface that looks and feels like a traditional computer.

GNOME is probably the most popular desktop environment among Linux users, it is free and open source, simple, yet powerful and easy to use. It is designed from ground up to offer Linux desktop users a wonderful and exciting computing experience.

It presents a activities overview for easy access to basic tasks, provides a powerful search tool for users to access their work from any place. However, GNOME 3 latest stable release ships in with the following distinguished components and features:

  1. Uses Metacity as default window manager
  2. Comes with Nautilus as default file manager
  3. Supports desktop notifications using a convenient messaging system
  4. Enables on/off switching of desktop notifications and many more