Our Mission Statement

Stabilize And Invest In Those In Need Of An Opportunity To Lift Themselves Up.

Matt Leffler

From Matt

It is a big statement, but I was purposeful in each word.  See to be effective within the population we serve we have to address multiple complex problems or we are wasting everyone’s time. LFI is a mix of dreamers and doers … thats a strength we have going for us. Our clients will need that strength. 

We don’t “want to be” we are not “aiming too” or “trying to” … there is a need now, and it is urgent, so we just Are. 


Before we can do anything we need to ensure the person’s life has stabilized.  Giving someone a laptop is of no value if they lack a home.  A person can not learn a new trade or skill if they are not in a safe environment.  This may be through referrals, it could be through finding them an alternate environment but we first need to ensure they are safe and not in fear of tomorrow. 


This will take energy, time and yes money, but the rewards to the community will be realized and the rewards to the individual can be profound.  It will be an investment.  It is not a gift, we expect the investment to be repaid in actions in others lives to come.  

It may be that our investment is repaid a decade later by how they support their children through college, it may be how they contribute on a team that makes some great discovery.  We have to be faithful that what we do today will pay off in the long run.


We also are focusing on those who need a chance.  Many are already afforded opportunities and we just want to make that blessing a little more universal.  Need will likely include essential services such as mental health, high school education and health needs, we have the right team in place.


This isn’t a random chance, they’ve been selected for this effort and that comes with responsibility.  We can not do anything for them with out their active participation and will.  Buying someone a meal does not prevent hunger in the future.   But we will point them down a road with fewer barriers than the one they are on.

Everyone deserves an opportunity.

Lift Up

We want to ensure that every life we touch is improved through meeting us.  It may not be big shifts it may be small but it always needs to improve.


We are not carrying anyone.  Together we want to see them lift themselves up.  Its important, letting them take pride in their achievement.  They did it, not someone else and the benefits of their work are their own. 


Who And How?

About LFI's Services and Programs

Learn more about our programs and the services we deliver through these programs to our clients.

The Grand Plan

There are more people who have committed their time to our worthy cause.  The above mentioned, all volunteers, are our corporate officers.

Our House

Provide safe shelter where residents can be students. Offer mental health counseling and structure.

Tech Training And GED Programs

We'll offer free accredited college level technology courses. For those needing a GED we have licensed teachers available for prep work. Find out more about our technical training program by visiting our Programs page.

Career Training

Through our partnership with private businesses we will offer internships and career training to our students. Volunteer your business to sponsor a newly trained graduate.

Add To others

The measure of a person’s value can’t be found on paper, it is in how they have changed others in their life. 

Good begets good

Whatever you offer others is what you will receive in life, be that love, hope, opportunity, money, revenge or malice.  

Have Faith

It’s better to have bet on a friend and lost than to bet against them and win.