Vice President of Programs

Anthony Hardin

Programs and Services sound like the same thing but we’ve made a distinction here at LFI and it is important enough to us that each of these have there own Executive Officer.

Programs and the action of the tools that we use to deliver our services. The following Programs exist at LFI.

Our House – Provide stable safe housing for homeless youth in Louisville, KY

Kentucky University – Provide accredited courses and technical training opportunities to under served youth.

KU offers an orientation course to our certificate programs and an associate degree. It also provides our free basic skills training course that is included with our refurbished laptops.


Blizzard SEO Limited Company – Is a wholly owned subsidiary of LFI offering technical training internships and technology jobs to students of Kentucky University. Its the practical part of career training.

Blizzard SEO is responsible for the refurbishment efforts of laptops provided to our students and others.